Study Smarter, Not Harder


By Jaly Marquez & Olivia Koravos
As everyone is getting settled into school, one of the Fitchburg State’s greatest “hidden” resources is The Tutor Center! Receiving individualized academic help can be expensive- so it being free is an added incentive to take a trip to the 3rd floor of Hammond where it is located in room 306.
All tutors have gone through extensive training and are well-equipped to teach students what they know. Their hours are flexible and almost every subject available at your disposal. The tutor center offers a wide array of subjects taught on campus, but also has Math and Writing help which are broken down into two centers: The Math Center and The Writing Center.
The Math Center is a designated area for any and all math questions or problems. According to Chris Coffin, the Director of Peer Services and Placement Testing, “We pride ourselves on being a judgment-free zone and we tutor students with a wide variety of math abilities and we recognize that for many students, math is challenging”.
To access this help all that one needs is a OneCard. The student then gets paired with the appropriate tutor for whatever they seek help in. If the tutor that specializes in your specific subject does not happen to be there, there will be someone else to assist you. This person will then help you schedule a time, or find a time, that will work best for your schedule.
The Writing Center is available to people who may be struggling with an assignment or who do not know where to start. If there is a last-minute paper due the next day then The Writing Center’s walk-in hours are open to the public and they will be willing to help as much as they can. Similar to that of the Math Center, all one really needs is their One Card to be able to sign in for their appointment. The Writing Center has over 55 hours of writing tutoring offered throughout the week, and students can schedule a time up to five days ahead or simply just come in without a scheduled appointment.
Jen Abbott, Academic Support Specialist says that “Walk-in tutoring eliminates a lot of the barriers to seeking help. So many students juggle multiple responsibilities on top of their classes … and the stress of planning around that is sometimes enough to make students shy away from tutoring.” Abbot hopes that the flexibility offered “makes writing tutoring more accessible to more students” and believes that “everyone can benefit from peer tutoring.”
The students in the tutor center are eager to help and are highly trained to do so. The third floor of Hammond is definitely somewhere that can be of great use to many students. Along with tutoring the Tutor Center also offers placement exams for any freshmen or transfers that need a placement class.