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Chris Gerhardt

Chris Gerhardt is a senior at Fitchburg State University and a copy editor for The Point. For the last few years he has been majoring in English Studies with a Professional Writing concentration. Upon graduating Chris plans on working as a professional editor as well as a creative writer. His dream is to one day publish a bestselling novel.
Chris also works at Lowe’s Home Improvement as a customer service associate. In his free time Chris enjoys researching story elements, spending time with friends, and of course writing at almost any chance he can get. He has been writing actively for almost six years, starting back when he was a student at the University of New Hampshire. Chris also has a rather intense love of orchestral music, citing it as one of his many inspirations for some of his writings. That and the chaos he is occasionally drawn into by a few of his oldest friends.
A fun fact about Chris is that he started writing as a joke, having been dared to after sarcastically making fun of one of his friend’s favorite shows. The exact words had been: “If you think it’s so bad you write a better story.”
The show was Game of Thrones back in 2014.  
Lorenzo DeMalia

Lorenzo DeMalia is a Junior at Fitchburg State and will be the sports editor for The Point this semester. He is majoring in English Studies, with a Professional Writing Concentration, and an Honors minor. After graduating he hopes to pursue many different avenues from working in the sports industry as a content creator to self-publishing a poetry book.
Lorenzo has many hobbies including writing/reading poetry, making music, and working on a baseball podcast called the Turning2podast. Sports are a major part of his life as he’s played hockey for 12 years, and football for eight years. He is also hoping to develop a platform for aspiring poets to be able to share their work with like-minded people.
Besides that, most of his free time is spent playing Bass Guitar, and Piano. A fun fact about Lorenzo is he loves the Beatles, George Harrison has been his biggest inspiration in pursuing his passion for making music. He also loves Jazz music and hopes to learn how to play the saxophone at some point in his life.
Brittany Eldridge

Brittany Eldridge is a senior at FSU and the campus news editor for The Point. She is majoring in English Studies with a Professional Writing Concentration and a minor in Psychology. In the future, she plans to write short stories and poetry for magazines. 
She lives on a seven-acre farm with her horses, donkeys, dogs, pet birds, pony, and mule. Brittany works at a horseback riding school and at Dunkin Donuts. Her hobbies include horseback riding, writing, drawing, painting, and reading. Brittany enjoys writing fantasy short stories and poetry. 
Her favorite book series include J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. Her other interests include binge-watching anime, leafing through manga, and reading about Japanese mythology. 
Favorite Quote: 
“A book, too, can be a star, “explosive material, capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly,” a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe.” 
Madeleine L’Engle, Author of A Wrinkle in Time
Bria Arseneault

Bria Arseneault is the Lifestyle editor for The Point this semester. She is a senior at Fitchburg State University and is majoring in Communications Media with a Professional Communications concentration and a minor in Professional Writing. After her time at Fitchburg State, she hopes to work within the sports industry as a content creator or in sports marketing. 
Bria works at American Eagle Outfitters, where she is a Brand Ambassador and has been at American Eagle Outfitters for almost 3 years. Her hobbies include making YouTube videos, watching plenty of YouTube and Disney+, and dancing. She has been dancing for 15 years and plans to continue dancing for as long as she can. She is a member of the Dance Club on campus and is on the Executive Board serving as Secretary. 
A fun fact about her is that she is a third-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. She has been training in this martial art for 11 years and has taught her so much about perseverance and passion. If you have a passion for something, whether it be sports, dance, karate, etc., you keep going. If you have that fight in you to keep playing or training, keep training and playing. 
Nick Barrieau

Nick Barrieau is a third-year student at Fitchburg State who is currently a copy editor for The Point. Nick has a concentration in Professional Communications as part of the Communications Media major. Aside from all that communicating, he also has a minor in Game Design. After he has completed his degree, Nick aspires to become a journalist in the games industry or to work PR for a game publisher. 
As you could probably tell already, Nick quite enjoys video games, and following gaming industry news. Some of Nick’s favorite game series include Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Mario. Aside from gaming, Nick spices things up by having fun with his friends, watching shows, and writing for this very news publication! It wouldn’t be too difficult to find Nick relaxing and watching Seinfeld, or geeking out about Star Wars in his free time. 
During his summers, Nick can be found working many positions at a Y.M.C.A. summer camp, which he also attended throughout his childhood. From teaching STEM to running high ropes courses, Nick loves making an amazing camp experience for the campers. Nick also creates videos for his YouTube channel Game Cubed, although he admits he needs to upload more frequently. He finds it very funny that he had to write this entire thing in the third person, since he vastly prefers writing in the first person! Nick is hoping to have a fun semester back at Fitchburg State, while also staying safe in process. For more on everything Nick, be sure you never miss The Point. 
George Kalabokis

George Kalabokis is a senior  Film major at Fitchburg State University. He’s very much interested in social issues and some of the happenings in the entertainment industry. After graduation, he wishes to create a variety of different films that will be thoughtful and enjoyable for a variety of audiences. In the past, he has taken a few journalism classes in Highschool and University, so he is very excited to begin writing for The Point.
Outside of University he enjoys a variety of different activities such as taking care of his dog Biscuit, playing Dungeons & Dragons, nature hikes, and watching films. In 2017 he also received his Eagle Scout award which he is very proud of. He learned a great deal from his time in Boy Scouts and wishes to carry that knowledge over to everything he does.
Tim Foley

Tim Foley is the Managing Editor for The Point this semester. He first started with the paper as a freelance writer his sophomore year, and then moved on to become sports editor this past spring of 2020. The managing editor position opened up and he was very excited to have the opportunity to manage The Point. If you told him his freshman year that he’d be running a news outlet that’s responsible for informing the students while giving them a platform to voice their concerns, he would’ve said “I can’t wait.” It truly is an honor for him to be working on the paper alongside some talented writers during what is one of the most uncertain times of our lives. He expects students on campus to have a lot of questions as to how things on campus will operate this year, as well as what’s in store for the semesters ahead. It is his promise that The Point will play a large role in communicating that information to the public.
Outside of the paper, Tim has a deep passion for broadcast journalism. He currently does play-by-play broadcasting for Fitchburg State, UMass Lowell, and the Harwich Mariners of the Cape Cod Baseball League. In regards to on campus extracurricular activities, He is the President of Fitchburg State’s Billiards Club, Acting Vice President of “Improvatron,” and host of Fitchburg Activities Board’s Bingo Night. He aspires to one day be a professional sports broadcaster, preferably calling games in a local media market for an NHL franchise. 
If you see him rollerblading around campus, say hey!

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