Athlete Spotlight: Keegan Sharp


Lorenzo DeMalia –
For some sports are just a game, for others they are a lifestyle. Keegan Sharp, a Sophomore at Fitchburg State University’s entire life has been centered around sports. Currently, a member of the men’s basketball and baseball team Sharp has shown the dedication, and talent to star in not one but two sports. 
“I have been playing both pretty much since I was physically able to dribble or throw a ball” Said Sharp. “Whenever I’m not playing sports I’ll usually be doing schoolwork, or hanging with my friends watching sports games. There’s not much time in the day where my mind isn’t in the sports world” 
As well as being a fan of the game, Sharp has had his fair share of success on the field/court. A 2019 graduate of St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School where he was a member of the basketball, and baseball team. Sharp was a 3-time sentinel Allstar, 3-time central mass conference all-star, sentinel super team honorable mention, team MVP junior season, received the coaches award for outstanding effort and work ethic, and was a sentinel all-star for baseball his senior year.
One moment stands alone as the memorable sports moment of his athletic career. “My most memorable sports moment probably is back in my senior year of high school,” Said Sharp. “I had the game of my life with a stat line of 44 points, and 25 rebounds in a double-overtime win against Bartlett high school” 
Sharp was a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, before transferring to FSU. Balancing academics and sports is not an easy task, let alone training for two separate sports, but Sharp highlighted his family for pushing him to the next level. “My family motivates me for everything in my life, not just athletics, I am the youngest of five so I have a lot to learn from them”. 
Of course having some natural talent, along with dedication is what separates Sharp as an athlete, and a student. Coming in at 6’9 Sharp plays center on the court, and shifts to the mound when it’s time to grab his Wilson glove before a game. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there haven’t been any sports this fall, and a whole new set of challenges are facing student-athletes. 
“Things this fall have been very tough. Our world has been shaken up drastically by coronavirus but we’ve persevered” Said Sharp. “Basketball, thankfully, is a simple sport. So while we cannot get together and play against each other it has been nice at least being able to get in the gym and play by myself”.
The ever-changing world has affected student-athletes all over, as limited practice and facilities have become common during the pandemic. But as the world continues to progress and pushes ahead hopefully sooner rather than later Sharp will be back doing what he does best, balling.