Improvisation Nation

Kaitlyn Mobilia, Campus News Editor

Fitchburg State Students hold many talents such as dancing, singing, filmmaking, athletics, as well as many others. One of these talents that can be overlooked is improvisation. Improv is a type of comedic performance that, unlike stand-up comedy, is not scripted. At Fitchburg State, students are able to learn and participate in improv through the Improv Club. Improv Club is run by Buffy Cautela serving as President, Tim Foley serving as Vice President, and Jonah Perlow serving as Treasurer. With all of Improv club’s e-board members going on internship, the current e-board is currently training members to take over the club. Next semester’s e-board will have Zoë Brazeau serving as President, Skylar Worster serving as Vice President, and Julia Gillis serving as secretary. 

At Improv Club, students can learn the art of improv, which includes learning how to build characters, as well as physical expression. The Improv Club specializes in short form improv- they play guessing games and character building games amongst many others to strengthen their skills. “There’s something about making up characters on the spot that is really freeing”, says President Buffy Cautela. Improv helps students to creatively express themselves as well as connect students with their peers. The club offers a safe space, free from judgement where students feel they can just be themselves. Cautela added, “The fact that we’re able to bring students who otherwise wouldn’t be a part of a campus organization is heartening.” Improv brings a sense of community to Fitchburg State, especially through their shows that take place once a month, where students throughout campus come to watch the Improv Club perform. In 2019, 130 students attended their Mean Girls improv show that took place on Oct. 3. 

Treasurer Jonah Perlow says that through improv, “You can act like an idiot and make people laugh, and I like making people laugh.” He also made a point on how improv could be useful for life in general. At some point in your life, you will most likely have to improvise in a realistic situation like a job interview. 

Improv Club rehearses Sundays and Tuesdays from 6-8p.m. Improv typically holds one show per month.