Online parking appeals: the inside scoop

By Ryanne Belanger 
Photo by Arthur Chapman

In years past, appealing parking tickets involved navigating a paper trail. Now, the university is introducing a new method for appealing parking violations: online appeals at
“Parking services is offering a new online method of appealing parking tickets,” says Mary Beth McKenzie, the Executive Director of Administrative Services.
“In order to submit an online appeal, you must have the following: Your citation number, plate number, and the state in which the vehicle is registered. Faculty, staff, and students will need their full Banner ID# and Fitchburg State e-mail address to log into the system,” says McKenzie. That seems like a lot of information, but this will make it easier for people to appeal their tickets. You can submit appeals from any computer and not have to go to Housing and Residential Services Department to get the paper appeal. Decisions will also be made sooner.
There is a time limit to how long after you get a ticket that you can appeal it. “Appeals must be submitted within 10 business days of the date the ticket was issued,” says McKenzie.

Having an online system in which to appeal one’s citation will make life much easier for the person appealing as well as the people who review the appeals.
And if you have any visiting violators, they can take advantage of this new system too. Says McKenzie, “Visitors and guests to the campus can create guest accounts.” Creating the guest account is as easy as clicking a link on the parking appeals login page. For further assistance you can contact Parking Services at [email protected] or 978-665-3219.
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