NFL predictions: Week 3

By Jeremy Weiner and Kendall Sweeney-Thomas

Thank you for tuning in again. Last week Jeremy went 8-8, while Kendell and Alex went 9-7. Let’s see what this week brings us. Here are Kendell and Jeremy’s predictions:

Tennessee Titans @ New York Giants

Jeremy: Titans

Kendell: Titans

Kendell: The Giants’ defense was torched by the Colts on Sunday night, and I’m not saying the Titans have the firepower that the Colts do in the passing game, but they do have that home run power in the running game.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jeremy: Buccaneers

Kendell: Steelers

Jeremy: I’ve been a Buccaneers fan since Day 1. This is going to be one low-scoring game. You really think PITT can pull off a win with Charlie Batch as QB? I don’t think so.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers

Jeremy: Bengals

Kendell: Bengals

Kendell: The Panthers are in trouble at the quarterback position and their inability to pass the ball will be their downfall again in Week 3 against the Bengals.

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

Jeremy: Ravens

Kendell: Ravens

Kendell: The Ravens will simply overpower the Browns in this afternoon game with their strong defense and running game.

Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

Jeremy: Cowboys

Kendell: Texans

Jeremy: Can your seat get any  hotter, Wade Phillips? I see a big scoring game here. Cowboys have the edge on defense, though.

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Jeremy: 49ers

Kendell: Chiefs

Jeremy: Alex Smith showed such poise this past Monday night vs. New Orleans, leading a fourth- quarter comeback. Frank Gore and friends will get the W against this young, inexperienced team.

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

Jeremy: Lions

Kendell: Vikings

Jeremy: Call me crazy, but Vikings are struggling and the Lions look hungry for a win. Jahvid Best has another huge game, and Ndamukong Suh will send Favre back to the nursing home.

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

Jeremy: Patriots

Kendell: Patriots

Kendell: The Patriots should see no difficulty recovering from a conference loss to the Jets and getting a quality conference win against the Bills, who  have yet to show any means of winning a game.

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

Jeremy:  Falcons

Kendell: Saints

Jeremy: Let’s be honest: The Saints haven’t looked pretty in the first two weeks. This week, they will pay for it. The loss of Reggie Bush is big.

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams

Jeremy: Redskins

Kendell: Rams

Kendell: Donovan McNabb showed the classic leadership and decision-making that has made him a standard Pro Bowler against the Texans last week.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Jeremy: Eagles

Kendell: Eagles

Kendell: I foresee an above- average performance from No. 7 and a win under his belt.


Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals

Jeremy: Cardinals

Kendell: Cardinals

Jeremy: Oakland better lose, because we have their first- round pick in this year’s draft.

San Diego Chargers @ Seattle Seahawks

Jeremy: Chargers

Kendell: Chargers

Jeremy: Ryan Mathews is out, but Seattle had a difficult time against the Broncos’ receiving core last week. Phillip Rivers will take advantage of that, with pleasure.

Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos

Jeremy: Colts

Kendell: Colts

Kendell: Manning’s determination and constant skill will bring his team a mile and a half up over the Broncos at Mile High Stadium.

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Jeremy: Jets

Kendell: Jets

Jeremy: I hate to pick this team to win anything, but last week had to have boosted Mark Sanchez’s confidence through the roof. Even without “Mr. Dougie Man“ Braylon Edwards, they’ll pull out a W.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

Jeremy: Packers

Kendell: Packers

Kendell:  Chicago escaped with ANOTHER win last week, but will not be as lucky in Week 3.

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