NFL news: Monday updates

Mark Sanchez is clearly a player worth watching.

By Jeremy Weiner

The 49ers fire offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye

There were rumors of this conflict as San Francisco struggled on the offensive side of the ball. Head Coach Mike Singletary shot down those rumors, and then fired Jimmy Raye. Starting the season 0-3, the 49ers know they’re a playoff-bound team, and want to make some early adjustments before the season can get any worse.

 Miami Dolphins and New York Jets face off for some Sunday Night Football

It was a great game to watch as Mark Sanchez continued his dominance under center, and the Revis-less secondary struggled against Brandon Marshall. Dustin Keller had two touchdown grabs. If you’re looking for a tight end on your fantasy team, I’d say pick this guy up. He’s a play maker. The Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots are tied for first place in the division with a record of 2-1.

 Atlanta upsets the defending champion New Orleans Saints

I predicted this upset, due to the poor play and absence of utility man Reggie Bush. The Saints don’t look as dominating as they were last year. Garret Hartley is officially skating on thin ice. His miss in overtime, a 29-yard field goal (chip shot), is causing a lot of lost faith in the ‘Who Dat’ Nation. They definitely ‘Blew Dat.’

 Pittsburgh rolls to a 3-0 start without their starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger

The 35-year-old Charlie Batch was granted the game ball for anchoring this quiet Pittsburgh offense. These Steelers are quietly making noise for a Super Bowl championship this year. Any team that can adjust this well when star players are out, is worth looking out for. How happy would Big Ben be coming out of suspension with his team possibly 4-0?

 The New England Patriots get the win against the Bills

If you only care about getting the W, then stick with that theory. Tom Brady had a great game (20-27, 3 TDs) but the defense looked ugly again, giving up 30 points to the lowest-ranked offensive team in the league. Bill Belichick needs to tighten up some screws in the pass rush, possibly sending more blitz packages. Causing pressure will force the opposing quarterback to rush his throw, which can cause a possible interception or incomplete pass. Arrington and McCourty are young backs who will hopefully continue to improve.

 Patriot Nation can salute Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski

With time expiring, he misses a 32-yard field goal to win the game. This year’s upcoming draft keeps looking better as the Raiders keep on losing. But who knows, I could see Belichick trading it away.

 Michael Vick is soaring for the Eagles

No pun intended. He has had three quality games for Philadelphia, and there is no question Andy Reid made the right choice to start him over Kevin Kolb.

 Important Injury Notice

Jahvid Best, after getting tackled on a play, left the game with pain in his right toe and did not return. Also, Rams’ running back Steven Jackson was to get an MRI today for the groin injury that caused him to sit out the rest of yesterday’s game.

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