NFL predictions: Week 4

If the Point's sports staff is right, the Bengals will be suiting up for victory tomorrow. (photo by Matt Ferguson)

By Jeremy Weiner, Alex Teal and Kendell Sweeney-Thomas

Thank you for tuning in once again for our weekly NFL predictions. Last week Jeremy went 10-5, and Kendell went 12-3. Feel free to comment below.

49ers vs. Falcons

Jeremy: Falcons

Kendell: Falcons

Alex: 49ers

KendellA win in overtime on the road against the reigning world champions, giving the champs their first loss of the season, should provide enough momentum to lead the Falcons over a team with more questions than answers after their play so far this season.

 Bengals vs. Browns

Jeremy:  Bengals

Kendell: Bengals

Alex:  Bengals

Kendell: Cleveland is in dire straits this year and things get even worse as the Browns improve to 0-4 with a loss to the state rival Bengals.

 Jets vs. Bills

Jeremy: Jets

Kendell: Jets

Alex: Jets

Jeremy: Mark Sanchez’s confidence keeps on rising, as the Jets go 3-0 against division teams.

 Seahawks vs. Rams

Jeremy: Seahawks

Kendell: Seahawks

Alex: Seahawks

Kendell: St. Louis won last week with a good game from Sam Bradford and a bit of luck, but look for that luck torun out against the Seahawks, who are playing well enough to manage a win over the dismal Rams. 

 Broncos vs. Titans

Jeremy: Broncos

Kendell: Titans

Alex:  Titans

Jeremy: Champ Bailey and the Broncos’ D will shut down any attempt at a passing game from the Titans. Kyle Orton and friends will click, and steal a much-needed win.

 Lions vs. Packers

Jeremy: Packers

Kendell: Packers

Alex: Packers

Kendell: Aaron Rodgers is at the helm of a Packers team that can easily avenge a loss on Monday night with a somewhat easy win against the Detroit Lions.

 Ravens vs. Steelers

Jeremy: Ravens 

Kendell: Ravens

Alex: Ravens

Jeremy: All right Pittsburgh, you’ve gotten all the luck in the world handed to you. This will be a low- scoring game, and Joe Flacco will have the last laugh. 14-10 score.

 Panthers vs. Saints

Jeremy: Saints

Kendell: Saints

Alex: Saints

Kendell: No matter who gets to start or even play at quarterback for the Panthers, they will get swarmed by the NFC South- leading New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees overcomes his injury concerns and has a routine game against Carolina.

Colts vs. Jaguars

Jeremy: Colts

Kendell: Colts

Alex: Colts

Jeremy: Maurice Jones-Drew will finally break out of his funk. But if you don’t have a quarterback that matches up with Peyton Manning, you won’t be winning.

Texans vs. Raiders

Jeremy: Texans

Kendell: Texans

Alex: Texans

Alex: The Texans prove they are contenders by asserting their dominance over lesser teams.

Redskins vs. Eagles

Jeremy: Eagles

Kendell: Eagles

Alex: Washington

Alex: Donovan rides away from his game against his old team with a huge divisional win. 

Cardinals vs. Chargers

Jeremy: Chargers

Kendell: Chargers

Alex: Chargers

Alex: Phillip Rivers has a big game and sends the weaker Cardinals squad back across the state line with a loss, as well as  many questions for Coach Whisenhunt. 

Bears vs. Giants

Jeremy: Bears

Kendell: Bears

Alex: Bears

Alex: The Bears continue to play dominant defense and the offense becomes very aggressive with the rising success and winning attitude that Jay Cutler brings to the field.

Patriots vs. Dolphins

Jeremy: Patriots

Kendell: Dolphins

Alex: Patriots

Alex: The Pats win a close one in Miami, commonplace for recent Tom Brady struggles in Monday Nighters at Sun Life Financial Stadium.

4 thoughts on “NFL predictions: Week 4

  1. After week 4 is completed, many of the predictions were right on other then a couple games. I do enjoy reading the picks for the week and the reasons behind it, it’s a nice brief summary of the upcoming games for the week and things to look forward to and watch for.

  2. Yesterday, I decided to watch the Doplhins and Patriots game with a few buddies. It was a great game and the majority of the time New England was on top. Miami took the lead in the first quarter but every time after that we were on top. In the 3rd quarter we had a 20 point lead over the dolphins and the final score ended up being 41-14. With the patriots offense looking very well this year, the coach might have to tighten up the defense to balance out the playing field.

  3. Last night, I watched the entire Patriots and Dolphins game last night with a couple of my friends. Miami took the lead in the beginning of the game. We came back in the second quarter and took the lead. Then, in the 3rd quarter the patriots blocked a second punt attempt and ran it back for a touchdown. In the 3rd quarter we dominated the dolphins leading by 20 points. (34-14). Then, into the 4th quarter there was an interception for the NE Patriots and the receiver of the interception ran it back for a touchdown. It was an incredible game.

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