Groupon saves money for college students

Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

by Samantha Bent

Groupon is a great way for anyone -especially struggling college students – to get huge discounts of over 50% on local goods and services.

Groupon is a website that provides its users with daily coupons for local restaurants, spas, hotels, and a variety of other things to do, eat and see.  They are called “groupons” because they are group coupons; the coupons only become valid if enough people use them.  Only rarely, however, does a deal not happenbecause the discounts that Groupon provides are of such high quality that enough people always take advantage of them.

Most of the businesses that Groupon features are local, which is why the company asks users to specify their location so they can get deals that are relevant to where they live.  Users might receive groupons for businesses they’ve always wanted to try or for businesses which they already patronize. One Groupon user, Sara B., commented on Groupon’s for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. “My cousin loves Ben & Jerry’s so I got a couple groupons for her and her friends. She is 17, so she is on a limited budget.”

Although local businesses make up the majority of groupon deals, Groupon doesn’t just feature local deals. Groupon also features coupons for national brands like Gap and American Apparel with deals like $25 for $50 worth of clothing.

Groupon also has excellent customer service.  Their website promises:”If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we’ll return your purchase – simple as that.” They also are very good about answering the questions

To start saving money and learn more about the deals available to college students, visit


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