Snow day for Fitchburg State!

By Kathleen Blandin

Fitchburg’s recent snow fall has left Fitchburg State Students school-free for almost 2 days straight.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Blandin, Sabrina Fellah, Nade Li, Minhui Zheng

Students, who are on the connectEd list, got phone calls announcing the impending snow day, yesterday, at dinner time; most students, in the dining hall, were ecstatic to get the news.

“Oh man, it was so funny, I got a phone call and as soon as my phone started going off everyone else’s did too! Everyone turned to each other and screamed, it was definitely one of those moments you were glad to be a part of,” says one student excited about the news.

The snow fall today, left many students wishing they still had their parents to shovel their driveways; with about 8 inches of heavy snow to shovel themselves.

“It’s pretty sweet that we got a snow day! The only issue I have with it is that I had to just pay some guy $20 to shovel about a foot of snow surrounding my car so I can go home tomorrow morning,” says frustrated Sophomore, Erica Richards.

Tomorrow, it is said to be sunny with a high of 25 degrees.

Hourly reports about these storm conditions are available at

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