Local band spotlight – Five Hole

By Maranda Cucchiara
After a long day at work or school, do you find yourself singing “Baby Got Back,” or “Kryptonite?” Never fear, there is a cure for this!
Local cover band Five Hole, which emerged in 2006 with pounding drums, smooth guitars, and fantastic vocals, is set to play a 9 p.m. show on October 1st at Center Ice Bar and Grille in Fitchburg.
Quickly becoming known as Kings of Covers, the band members are gathering fan after fan throughout Massachusetts. At pubs, grilles, and local events they can be seen jamming out to classic rock, alternative, rock, pop, and even ‘80s grunge.
With a diverse musical background, the band members always have something new to bring to the stage.
So, if you want to stop singing to yourself, get a move on to one of their shows! As Five Hole says, “Party on!”
Upcoming Fitchburg show: October 1st at 9:00p.m. – Center Ice Bar and Grille ($5 coverage at the door)
Visit www.fiveholeband.com for more information and music samples!

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