Feeling cheated?

By Jessica Schavrien

“It mostly, deals with budgeting, hours of operation, and the price of the meal plan reflects on hours.” (Chartwells logo)

Leaving the gym after 10 pm, stomach growling, and nothing is open what do you do? Go in search of food, or suffer in silence until morning comes. Most students have said things such as “I’ll make something in my room, or order out.” Or “I order take out a lot at night, because nothing is open on campus and the lack of variety in the commuter cafe makes it even worse, no more sandwiches please.”

Since it seems to be a growing negative concern, Phil Bowers Manager of Chartwells who has been here on campus for ten years answers the question why. “Lack of business, students who do stay on campus, tend to be working, or going out to eat.” And of course why does Holmes Dining Commons close so early? Some students thought it was because that’s what the school chose for hours. Others thought it was to cater to athletes. “It mostly, deals with budgeting, hours of operation, and the price of the meal plan reflects on hours.” If Holmes were to stay open later, the price of our meal plans and cost of labor would go up,” Bowers said.

Other campuses also run by Chartwells had later hours or more options on weekends. When asked about other campuses Phil answered “Every campus is different for a variety of reasons.” Upon looking into it campus size, location, as well as number of residents are a few examples that play a factor of hours and options as well.

If the students want a change they should submit their concerns in the comment box, located near the silverware as you exit towards the continental needs or towards the dining area.

From the looks of it Holmes won’t be open any later, but in order to get your food the way you want it is to go after 9 am, after 2pm, and once again after 6:30 pm. However there is some good news as far as Phil Bowers knows the “Hammond Café” hours will be under review for when it opens.

Although it’s not a solid answer it gives a slight chance of hope to satisfy the post-gym starvation.

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