Most races uncontested for SGA

student government nathan gregoire

Nathan Gregoire has been elected student trustee on the SGA's executive board.

By James Paleologopoulos

After a month of political posters and social-media messages, the Student Government Association’s online election has concluded and results have been announced at Fitchburg State University.

One of the more high-profile races during the election was for the job of student trustee on the SGA’s executive board, the chief council of the organization. Phil Sandy and Nathan Gregoire waged expansive campaigns of posters and meet-the-candidate-style events to get their names out and visible on campus before the final day of voting.

The race between the two longtime SGA members ended with Gregoire winning the seat in a “close race,” according to SGA officials, despite poll numbers not being released with the results.  

“They [Sandy and Gregoire] both had a lot of qualities … that would help the student body as a whole,” said Mallory-Anne Perron, the new treasurer.

“I think it went very well,” said Mary Piskule, graduating secretary of the e-board. “Neither said anything disrespectful and it was a very professional race. Either one of them [is] more than qualified and would have done an awesome job.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Costello was successfully elected president of the executive board after making posters, and his unopposed race, known to the student body all the same.

“I have been on the SGA since he started and I cannot think of a better person,” Piskule continued regarding Costello. “He works on a state level to secure more funding and is the perfect fit for the school.”

“I’m really happy (for him),” Riley Sullivan, SGA’s new executive treasurer, said on Costello’s victory. “I know he has a very good relationship with the upper administration and … put himself out for the students, representing them well.”

That being said, many found themselves put into power without so much as a contest.

Though going by a democratic system, nearly 85 percent of the SGA elections were uncontested and the only “choices” were a matter of students either writing in a candidate or choosing not to fill in the dot next to each position’s sole candidate.

In spite of the Student Government Association filling a majority of their essential roles and duties, representative seats remain open for the class of 2013 (one) and 2014 (four) as well as a treasurer position for the class of 2015.

“It was kind of a relief … but I wanted the competition so the student body could choose,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan is not alone in her wish for more participation. The SGA stresses undergraduates can participate in their student-run government by taking out candidate papers from their office downstairs in the Hammond building.

“Get Involved and Join SGA!!!!” has been the footer of emails regarding the election and its results for the last month alone.

As for the positions that were filled, also named to the executive board were Vyctoria Pantano as vice president, Brianna Payos as the board’s secretary, and John Wentworth as public information director.

Other official SGA election results released by the group include:

Class of 2013

 President: Yashira Gonzalez

Vice President: Carissa Fucillo

Treasurer: Evan Mendes

Secretary: David Robinson

Representatives: Anna Latino, Armin Asadishad, Doreen Deshler

Class of 2014

President: Sarah Minton

Vice President: Kyle Madej

Secretary: Mallory-Anne Perron

 Class of 2015

 President: Madeline Regan

Vice President: Gabrielle Brown

Secretary: Emily McGrath

Representatives: Joseph George, Jordan Roberge, Andrew DaSilva, Mallory Sherman

Special elections meant to fill the remaining vacant seats will be held later in May with candidate papers required to be handed in on May 4 by 3 p.m.

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  1. You could say the same about WXPL, Lex


  2. Why do you think they have gotten so much less involvement this year than in previous ones? How does this reflect on their recent win of the Organization of the Year award?


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