NFL predictions: Week 6

By Jeremy Weiner

With the Falcons and Texans the only undefeated teams in the league, it’s safe to say Houston will face a tough matchup in Week 6. Will the Falcons be the only undefeated team after this upcoming weekend’s slate of games?

Steelers (2-2) vs. Titans (1-4)

Winner: Steelers

Why: The Titans are in the basement. Chris Johnson has yet to show any sign of consistency and their morale is at an all- time low. Steelers will win this easily.

Raiders (1-3) vs. Falcons (5-0)

Winner: Falcons

Why: Falcons are hot and at home. This will be another easy win for a team that has no intention of slowing down.

Bengals (3-2) vs. Browns (0-5)

Winner: Browns

Why: It’s gutsy, but the Bengals have been playing terrible lately. Benjarvus Green-Ellis is in a slump and Dalton is starting to turn over the ball more than he should. I liked Cleveland’s offensive showing last week vs. the Giants and I predict them pulling off a division-rival upset.

Rams (3-2) vs. Dolphins (2-3)

Winner: Dolphins

Why: I like the Dolphins this year. They won’t clinch a playoff birth, but I see them improving immensely since last year. The Rams are too inconsistent to get a win on Sunday. Miami’s run defense is impossible to run against.

Colts (2-2) vs. Jets (2-3)

Winner: Jets

Why: The Jets are going to treat this week as their Super Bowl. Jobs are at stake and fans are becoming impatient. If they can’t beat a rookie QB and the Colts, hell will break loose.

Lions (1-3) vs. Eagles (3-2)

Winner: Lions

Why: The Lions needed the bye week. Matthew Stafford will snap out of his slump and bring Calvin Johnson back to life. It’ll be close, but I predict the Lions winning.

Cowboys (2-2) vs. Ravens (4-1)

Winner: Ravens

Why: The Ravens are 3-0 at home and will get their acts together; especially after barely beating the Kansas City Chiefs last week. The Cowboys are a good team, so expect this to be close.

Chiefs (1-4) vs. Buccaneers (1-3)

Winner: Buccaneers

Why: The Chiefs are without Matt Cassel. I’m not saying it’s a huge loss, but Brady Quinn is pretty terrible. The Bucs will prepare all week how to shut down Jamaal Charles and eliminate the only advantage the Chiefs have going for them: the ground game.

Bills (2-3) vs. Cardinals (4-1)

Winner: Cardinals

Why: The Bills are a mess. Yes, the Cardinals lost last week, but they’ll bounce back with an easy win against a team on a 2-game losing streak.

Patriots (3-2) vs. Seahawks (3-2)

Winner: Patriots

Why: This wasn’t easy. If the Patriots are going to win, it’s not going to be easy. They need to take the crowd out of the game early. Expect the Seahawks to come marching back, but will come up short.

Giants (3-2) vs. 49ers (4-1)

Winner: 49ers

Why: The 49ers have had this game circled on their calendar since training camp. They felt like the NFC Championship game (last year) was stolen from them. Revenge is on the menu and their defense will get the win they deserved.

Vikings (4-1) vs. Redskins (2-3)

Winner: Vikings

Why: This will be a good test on the road. Minnesota’s defense has been on top of their game, while Christian Ponder has shined. This will be a close game and will be won by a field goal.

Packers (2-3) vs. Texans (5-0)

Winner: Texans

Why: No way are the Texans losing on their home field. The Texans are scary good right now and the poor Packers are looking to fall to 2-4.

Broncos (2-3) vs. Chargers (3-2)

Winner: Broncos

Why: If the Chargers can beat Peyton Manning, then they become a legit team. I don’t see them beating the Broncos, even at home. They’re too satisfactory.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comment section below.

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