Visions Honors Exhibition

The Visions poster by Rachel David
The Visions poster by Rachel David

By Rebecca Leonard and Nate Thomas 

Every year since 2008, Fitchburg State University’s Communications Media Department showcases the best original student work from the entire school year within the department, with the Visions event. All of the students, not just Comm Media Majors, as well as the community of Fitchburg, look forward to this event every year.

Visions includes a gallery art exhibition, a film and video screening, and a presentation forum. This year’s gallery had a wide range of submissions, including pictures, posters, ads, postage stamps, and more.  There were also 8 movies shown, and 8 video games available for testing.  For a full list of the submissions, click here.

Fat Pig by Justin Keohane
Fat Pig by Justin Keohane

Justin Keohane, a junior graphic design major, submitted four pieces of work. Three of the pieces were accepted to be displayed. One piece was the poster that was displayed around campus for the school’s production of Fat Pig, which was shown through February.

The other pieces were were an infographic called Dangerous Energy and a spread for a fictional magazine called Sightlines Intro.

When asked what it meant to him to be represented in gallery, Keohane stated, “It’s really nice to see that my professors appreciate the hard work I do.”

Keohane explained that for the graphic design majors, Visions is not a requirement but their professors do “gently push them to submit work.” He also said that there is a lot of prep work that goes into getting ready so sometimes it can be stressful.

The Naked Truth by Justin Keohane
The Naked Truth by Justin Keohane

Having been included in the exhibit every year, Keohane reassured us that he will be submitting his work next year too.

Rachel David, another graphic design major, submitted a poster for advertising Visions and won. The email students received with the poster was created by David.

Walking through the gallery is a great and inspiring experience.  It is located in Hammond, next to the game room.  It only takes a few minutes to walk through it and look at every submission, so why not spend a few minutes, enjoying your fellow students’ work?

Visions takes place every year, and each year it captivates students and community members alike.  It is the perfect way to see what Fitchburg State Students are capable of.

Visions is on exhibition in Hammond from April 29-June 24 in Hammond, be sure to check it out!

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