Lorde: The Future of Music

Written By: Connor McPherson

Lorde, who was given the title “The future of music” from the late David Bowie, is back with two new singles and the announcement of her new album which debuts June 16. Being regarded as the future of music from one of the greatest stars of all time that did so much for progressing music and showcasing the power of individuality is extremely high praise. Lorde has stated multiple times that Bowie was a huge inspiration when making her music, especially her newest album.

March is coincidently Women’s Month and Lorde’s comeback could not come at a better time. It’s important that this coincides with Women’s Month because Lorde is a role model for young women and girls all over the world. Her lyrics are filled with the importance of the power of individuality in a world that is so influenced by the conformities of society. She sings about the importance of equality, strength, and the raw realness of growing up.

Her upcoming album is titled Melodrama and it is on track to give the king of melodrama, Morrissey, a run for his money. The first track that was released in early March is titled “Green Light” and it is an anthem for anybody battling with heartbreak. The lyrics of this catchy tune are filled with emotion that stems from Lorde’s own breakup with her longtime boyfriend, but with a happy sad similar to The Cure, type of vibe. “Green Light” captures what it is like to go through a tough breakup while also reminding the listener to be strong and rise above the heartbreak, and to ultimately love who you are. Though it starts out intense and sad it is balanced with a chorus that will make you want to get up and dance the heartbreak right out of you.

“Liability” was the second single she released in mid-March. This song is much slower than “Green Light” and is dominated by piano and showcases Lorde’s strong voice. This beautiful slow jam keeps up with the theme of loving oneself, which is so important in today’s world, and to not let the opinions of others weigh you down. She sings about how the only person that is truly going to be there for you every time something negative happens in your life is yourself and you have to embrace your individuality. She gives listeners the inspiration for self-empowerment.

Lorde first blessed us with her talents four years ago with her album titled “Pure Heroine,” which showed immense amounts of maturity for a sixteen-year-old. She is now 20 and has matured in her already mature songwriting and sound. In a damaged society that is dominated by men, Lorde is striving for equality through her influential music.

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  1. What makes her lyrics stand out to me is more that the world is dominated by greed- on the part of both men nd women, by the way- and her ability to claim her individualism in such a world is an inspiration to males and females alike. To say the world is dominated by men leaves the vast majority of men out of the equation. Think about it. More women are rising up everyday. Not all of them are less greedy than their masculine counterparts. Lorde’s music continues to inspire the human in all of us. Most of us will never be royals, but we can give each other the green light to progress.


  2. She turned 20 last November, 2016, and she was 16 when she released Pure Heroine, 15 when she wrote Royals.


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