Remembering Wonderful Works of Art Showcased at the ARTeries Exhibit


by Aaron Hatch:

Once every year, the ARTeries committee showcases an impressive assortment of beautiful and expressive artwork made by some of the most artistic minds on the Fitchburg State campus. This year’s ARTeries exhibition showcased a wide variety of student work such as oil canvase paintings, charcoal paintings, clay sculptures, and handcrafted works.

Right as you walked into the showcase, the first painting that struck the eyes of the viewer was the painting titled “Funeral March of the Teletubbies” by Kenshin Moriame. It was darkly comedic; the charcoal painting displayed a dark and eerie depiction of the child friendly and innocent Teletubbies. The bright and happy tone of the Teletubbies is drastically shifted to a painting that came straight out of an Edger Allen Poe story.

Let’s now shift from an ominous work of art to a more upbeat piece. The next eye-catching artwork was called “The Mask” by Joseph Lazlo. This piece showed a mask of an old man with a big wide grin and long white curly hair, making it both creepy to look at but also endearingly charming at the same time.

Further in the showcase, one of the best examples of watercolor paintings was Zion Yeung’s “Landscape.” It was an impressively immersive painting that displayed arching green hills with massive eye-catching rocks. The simple way Yeung used the color balance of the greens, blues, and white was beautiful.

All of the oil canvases at ARTeries were stellar, and one such example was the unique photographic-like painting, “Sparkles in a Mason Jar” by Alyssa Tavares. Just the way Tavares used the white, instantaneously grabed the viewer’s eyes, and the sheer amount of detail made the painting look almost photorealistic. The last piece to discuss was the amazing vibrant oil canvas painting called “Jellyfish” by Cheyenne Frost. Just by the use of light and the variety of blues, reds and yellow, this painting would make even the snobbiest of art critics take a moment and appreciate its detail.

The ARTeries exhibit had many amazing works of art that showcased how creative the students of Fitchburg State University are.





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