Off the beaten path with the Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure
The Outdoor Adventure Club water rafting

By Christopher Howe

The leaves are changing and the air is crisp…it must be autumn knocking at Fitchburg’s door again asking for another visit.  For any student interested in the great outdoors and meeting new people, there is a club right on campus.

Fitchburg State University’s Outdoor Adventure Club allows students to enjoy and interact with Mother Nature while spending time with friends.  The club is a recognized Fitchburg State organization and meets on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in Miller Oval.  It is open to anyone who is interested, and there are no requirements to participate.

The club has regular trips, activities, and fundraisers throughout the year.  The members hold events throughout the school year to keep connected with each other, and to help promote the club.  Recently the Outdoor Adventure Club held a fundraiser in the quad, where they set up a table to sell caramel apples, mystery boxes, and raffle tickets.  Prizes included gift certificates to places such as Gourmet Donuts, and two indoor rock climbing passes.

The Outdoor Adventure Club regularly goes on hikes together, traveling to locations such as the White Mountains, Mount Wachusett, and Mount Watatic.  Other events include camping trips, canoeing, white water rafting, rock climbing, and bonfires.  The agenda varies from a leisurely day apple picking to an adrenaline pumping experience like sky diving.   With this club, there is always an adventure to go on.  Sometimes the activities take place close to home, right near the university.  “One of my favorite places to hike is the Quarries in Fitchburg where you can get a view of almost all of the town with the foliage of the trees during the fall,” said the club president, Courtney Haskell. “The club and I will actually take a moonlight hike up to the Quarries, which takes place after sundown.  When there is a full moon, it is just the forest, moon, and fellow members of the outdoor adventure club… united as one.”

If you are interested in becoming part of the group, visit their facebook page (FSU Outdoor Adventure Club) and join their page.  Or you can contact the club president, Courtney Haskell by email ([email protected]).   Haskell states that “no membership is required…anyone is welcome to join!”