Communications Club

by David Bray

Laura Bird is the Vice President of the Communications Club

Frustrated with the lack of communication within the Communications department at FSU, a group of students have started a club to improve this situation. Though it is still awaiting approval from the administration, the Fitchburg Communications Club is led by president Amy Johnson, vice president Laura Bird, and faculty advisor Dr. Robert Carr.

The club aims to make the Communications department more available to students. They plan to have representatives from each concentration within the department, such as communication studies, film/video, graphic design, interactive media, photography, and professional communication. The club would also like to make connections with the Filmmakers Society and the Falcon Players.

“We would like to plan year-long projects that can get a lot of people involved and help better the school,” said Laura Bird, vice President of the club. “One thing we would like to do is get people together to work on improving and updating the Communications department section of the school website.” The Communications site has not been updated since 2006.

Making improvements to the website would not only benefit the school’s image, but provide practical experience in communications that can be put on a resume. Other ideas for the club’s mission include hosting workshops with people from outside the school and possibly taking trips.

Bird also said that she would like the club to have a “casual but serious” atmosphere where people could be involved but not in high pressure situations. She also wants it to be a place where all creative students, not just those who are Communications majors, can get involved on campus. For example, English majors could bring their script ideas to the club to connect themselves with film/video students. “This club is open to everyone. Tell all your friends,” said Bird.