5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Great Photographer

Sutton Swamp
Swamp in Sutton, MA

Written and Photographed By: Kristin Wnukowski
“We are here on this earth to take pictures.” –Peter Laytin (FSU photography professor)

  1. Bring your camera everywhere.

There is a strap on a camera for a reason…for you to bring your camera wherever you go. In doing so , you can capture unexpected moments that you want to remember forever. Good thing you have your camera with you to save those moments for the rest of your life and to tell the story.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Capture the moment, not the subject.

In your life, moments are constantly flowing like  waves in the ocean. The exact moment you capture for the perfect picture is out of your control. In fact, your camera can capture hundredths of seconds of whatever you choose. You might not be able to see that speed, but you can feel those moments, like you can feel the warm breeze on the beach. That particular consciousness is crucial in taking a good photo. If you can imagine the moment, then you can tell the story. As a photographer, your pictures should keep a memory forever not just show who is in it. You want them to retell that exact moment.  

  1. Look with your eyes.

Don’t just move your camera, move your eyes. Take a moment to look around  to see different angles. Wait until you’ve found the right place where you can see life differently. Try photographing people and objects in a way you’d never think you would. Even take risks, move your feet, kneel down, get higher, get close and personal with your subject.

  1. Just click the button.

In a world that is changing to all digital cameras, you have the opportunity to take numerous photos with one SD card. Don’t miss out on opportunities to capture great moments and beautiful things because you’re taking too much time to set up your camera. Just click your shutter button over and over again, you can judge your photos when you view or edit them later.
New London NH

  1. Have fun. Don’t rush.

Take the opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and photograph somewhere or something new. Live in the moment and don’t rush, stop thinking you have to photograph every angle or person. Photography is a form of art that can retell a story and show the beauty of life. Quit over thinking or stressing about the shot. Just dive in and have fun.