Visions 2016

VisionsWritten by: Kristin Wnukowski
This past Wednesday was a memorable evening for Fitchburg State University’s Communications Media department. For those of you who don’t know, Visions is a juried honors showcase of the year’s best original student work in the Communications Media department. Students studying to be in the communications media fields take their passion and knowledge of different art forms and put everything they have into creating their best work. They spend countless hours throughout the year to complete professional work such as photographs, film, and videos, graphic design posters, video games and theater productions. However, the stakes were held high, and not everyone’s work was accepted, only those who had the most extraordinary work was featured. Families and community came to support those they knew in the show and the school as a whole.
The evening started with an Alumni Panel, Visions Forum, Gallery Opening and Reception, Theater Showcase, and ended with a Film and Video Screening.
The exhibition will be showcased until June 29, 2016
Check out the accepted works here: