The Daka Map

Written By: Michael “Boots” Osborn
Have you ever been lost at Dakka? Have you ever had trouble coordinating with your friends on where you’re sitting? Well, Here’s a charting system to help you more easily find your friends at Dakka.
If you’re not on a sports team or fraternity/sorority, it can be hard to find a guaranteed space for you and your friends to meet up for meals. To help find your friends or vice versa I first want you to imagine the dining hall and then place a map of the Americas over it where North is facing the Quad.
When you walk into Dakka via the main check in entrance, you’re currently in the Caribbean. Your cruise to semi-decent meals has begun. Wading into the drinks area and where all the food is, you’ve passed into Central America.
Beyond in the Kitchen is South America, where all of your delicioso cuisines comes from, all the way from the culinary table to menutainment to the pasta/pizza area.
The seating area before you walk up the stairs and on the lower end of the fence is Mexico. If you want to go on a beautiful vacation, you can try the booths, but be careful about crossing the border may lead you to lose your drink off your tray.
When you walk up the stairs towards the upper seating level, you’ve ventured into the States. Basically, that entire area is the U.S. except beyond the pillars in the back; that’s Canada…watch out for the moose, eh? You can also find yourself a nice spot in the northern left corner at the Alaskan tundra, where only three brave soles usually sit.
As we live in New England, even Dakka is affected. Expect erratic temperatures, so don’t feel weird by bringing along a light jacket with you, even in the warmer months of the year.
It might take some time to get used to, but it always makes interesting text conversations.
“Are you already at Dakka?”
“Cool, where are you sitting?”
“I’m like in Kentucky or Tennessee, but I’m about to say hi to Jordan in Mexico.”