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Active Minds Reaching Out

Hi there!
On behalf of the Active Minds club at Fitchburg State University, we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Suicide Prevention Flag Event and our mission as a club. It means so much to us to feel as though these issues are worthy of the time and effort of The Point. Needless to say, today you helped us in making an even bigger impact on our students.
With that said, we would like to “officially” invite your staff/students to our Stigma Slam event happening on Tuesday, October 12th from 6-9PM in “The Hub” of the Hammond Building. Performers, writers, and viewers are absolutely welcome to join us! Print Services is working on printing our handouts, and we would love to get you some if you are interested. Do you have an office or mailbox that we could leave some in?

Be well,

Amber Haney
President of Active Minds
Fitchburg State University
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Active Minds Reaching Out