Sisters serving sundaes

By Leah Bianchi The Alpha Sigma Tau sorority is set to make the week a little sweeter for the Fitchburg State community, by serving up a sundae bar on Tuesday, … Read More

Take the Letterboxing Challenge

By Maxwell Wiater The Point has created a new letterboxing contest to get our readers outside in the beautiful fall weather while putting some scavenging skills to the test. Letterboxing … Read More

Labels or money?

By Jessica Schavrien Extra plates: ordered. Extra staff: scheduled. Inventory of clothes: check. Food: check. Cameras and memory cards: check. Check and check. The hotels are prepared for anything. Even … Read More

Gamers ‘gearing’ up for violence

By Matt Shatos Tuesday marked the release of the final chapter in the highly acclaimed “Gears of War” videogame franchise that has not only brought its developer, Epic Studios much … Read More

Pats back on track

By Tim Thibeault The New England Patriots have put the devastating loss to the Buffalo Bills behind them as they defeated the Oakland Raiders 31-19 Sunday afternoon. With all of … Read More

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