FSU recognizes 50th year anniversary of Antonelli v. Hammond

by John Plue Take a step 50 years into the past and put yourself in the shoes of the Cycle’s editor-in-chief John Antonelli. It is the beginning of the 1969 … Read More

Hulu Series Castle Rock Filming Hits FSU Campus

by Sophia Laperie It is not everyday a Stephen King series is filmed at your school. This past summer, the Hulu series, Castle Rock found their way on campus while … Read More

University Celebrates 125th Anniversary

By Kristin Schneider As the Fall semester begins, a buzz of life once again starts to fill the campus, not just from the current campus population, but from those who … Read More

The Point And It’s Ever Changing History

By Kristin Schneider Fitchburg State University’s student-run newspaper has been a part of the university for nearly as long as the school has been around. While not always called The … Read More

FSU Casino Night Draws Hundreds of Students

By Jaly Marquez Casino night is an event that is always looked forward to by many as it requires a substantial amount of planning and effort. To be precise they … Read More

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