Understanding Eldridge Cleaver and “Black Moochie”

by John Plue Why was “Black Moochie” the cause of such turmoil? Disagreements over the language and content and the topics of race and sex were hotly detailed. Cleaver talks … Read More

FSU recognizes 50th year anniversary of Antonelli v. Hammond

by John Plue Take a step 50 years into the past and put yourself in the shoes of the Cycle’s editor-in-chief John Antonelli. It is the beginning of the 1969 … Read More

Hulu Series Castle Rock Filming Hits FSU Campus

by Sophia Laperie It is not everyday a Stephen King series is filmed at your school. This past summer, the Hulu series, Castle Rock found their way on campus while … Read More

University Celebrates 125th Anniversary

By Kristin Schneider As the Fall semester begins, a buzz of life once again starts to fill the campus, not just from the current campus population, but from those who … Read More

The Point And It’s Ever Changing History

By Kristin Schneider Fitchburg State University’s student-run newspaper has been a part of the university for nearly as long as the school has been around. While not always called The … Read More

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