Should grocery store workers get hazard pay?

Diandra Moorhead— As COVID-19 continues to afflict the United States, lawmakers have deemed that only essential businesses be open to the public. Essential businesses include grocery stores, putting those who … Read More

FSU students talk about how coronavirus has impacted them

Zachary Connell— The Point asked three Fitchburg State students how COVID-19 has impacted their lives.  “It’s taken a toll on all of our lives, and we all are affected in … Read More

How to save money as a broke college student

Mark Ramos— As if life isn’t complicated enough for those of us who are already struggling, especially financially, it’s undoubtedly been compounded by the effects of COVID-19. For the broke … Read More

Instruction and Research Librarian explains how to avoid misinformation about COVID-19

Brooke Pelletier– The Point reached out to the Instruction and Research Librarian, Renée Fratantonio, regarding how to stay informed properly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are always … Read More

Homeless-exclusive quarantine shelter set up on Walnut Street

Tim Foley— On Wednesday, April 8, Our Father’s House, an agency that provides shelters and other services to the homeless population of 31 towns across Northern Worcester County, announced the … Read More

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