History Professor John Paul Encourages Students to Make The World Their Classroom

By Kurtis Kendall Fitchburg State History professor Dr. John Paul pauses to consider a question about how his beginnings impacted where he ended up. He takes the time to find … Read More

Benjamin Railton: The Stories We Share

By Kurtis Kendall Fitchburg State English Professor Benjamin Railton has always been interested in stories. Not simply fiction novels or magazine articles, but the stories of our lives and experiences; … Read More

“The First Ladies Coalition:” A One-Woman Play

By John Plue On Wednesday, February 27, Ginger Grace performed The First Ladies Coalition, a one-woman play. Grace had set her stage in the library and it was open to … Read More

Joyce Ahearn: A Constant At Fitchburg State

By Kurtis Kendall Whenever one heads to Holmes Dining Hall here at Fitchburg State, there’s a good chance they’ll run into Joyce Ahearn, the cashier at the entrance of the … Read More

“You” and the Dangers of Social Media

By Olivia Koravos It is the show that has been gripping audiences ever since it aired last fall on Lifetime, and has surged due to its recent addition to Netflix … Read More

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