NFL predictions: Week 7

By Jeremy Weiner, Alex Teal and Kendell Sweeney-Thomas There was some disagreeing here this week: Which one of us went against the Patriots? Enjoy our picks, and send us some of your own.  Cincinnati Bengals @ Atlanta Falcons Jeremy: Atlanta… Read More ›

Falcons run for victory

By Nick Moreau The Fitchburg State University cross-country team will be competing in a league-championship race this weekend. The Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference championship will be held at Stanley Park in Westfield, where Fitchburg State’s team will compete against… Read More ›

NFL predictions: Week 5

    By Jeremy Weiner, Alex Teal and Kendell Sweeney-Thomas Welcome back to the sports column for Week 5 NFL picks. Will the Kansas City Chiefs remain undefeated after facing one of the best quarterbacks in the league? Check out what… Read More ›

Patriots gather no Moss

    By John Mitchell Just this morning, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick called pro-bowl receiver Randy Moss with the news: He had been traded. Moss has been traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a third-round pick in next… Read More ›