NFL predictions: Week 4

By Jeremy Weiner, Alex Teal and Kendell Sweeney-Thomas Thank you for tuning in once again for our weekly NFL predictions. Last week Jeremy went 10-5, and Kendell went 12-3. Feel free to comment below. 49ers vs. Falcons Jeremy: Falcons Kendell:… Read More ›

NFL news: Monday updates

By Jeremy Weiner The 49ers fire offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye There were rumors of this conflict as San Francisco struggled on the offensive side of the ball. Head Coach Mike Singletary shot down those rumors, and then fired Jimmy Raye…. Read More ›

NFL predictions: Week 3

By Jeremy Weiner and Kendall Sweeney-Thomas Thank you for tuning in again. Last week Jeremy went 8-8, while Kendell and Alex went 9-7. Let’s see what this week brings us. Here are Kendell and Jeremy’s predictions: Tennessee Titans @ New… Read More ›

NFL predictions: Week 2

By Jeremy Weiner, Kendell Sweeney-Thomas and Alex Teal Welcome to the first installment of the sports staff’s weekly NFL predictions. Read on to see if you agree, and please feel free to comment. Pittsburgh Steelers  @ Tennessee Titans Jeremy:                        21                       … Read More ›