“Come Back To Earth” The Death of Mac Miller

By Emma Thomson On the afternoon of September 7, 2018, 26-yearold rapper, producer and vocalist, Malcolm McCormick, better known as “Mac Miller” passed away. McCormick struggled with long-time drug abuse … Read More

Community & Quidditch

By John Plue Fitchburg State’s annual “Rock the Block” event on September 13th kicked off the academic year, with everything from Quidditch on the quad to free Tide Pods. “Rock … Read More

The New President of Student Government

Hailey O’Brien is very driven to improve SGA and the student-wide campus as a whole: “I am really motivated and determined to make changes on this campus and I know we can accomplish something really great.”

FSU’s Harry Potter Alliance

If one was to walk into Thompson 202 on a Wednesday anytime between 5-6pm, they would find a group of Harry Potter fans discussing different topics and themes that come up in the books and the movies.

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