FSU’S Theater Program presents Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”

By Narra George Fitchburg, MA- Fitchburg State University’s Communications Media and Industrial Technology programs present Arthur Miller’s classic “The Crucible” April 9th through the April 18th at the McKay Complex, located … Read More

Take a tour in the new Science Center

By Kevin Sweeney Opened a year ago this month, the new and state of the art Science Center replaces the Condike Science Building, which dated back to 1963. Modernist architecture … Read More

Does medical marijuana have a place on the FSU campus?

By Francesca Lewis Even with a legal certificate, medical marijuana is not allowed on campus. Dean of Student & Academic Life Dr. Stanley Bucholc said, “The federal law supersedes the … Read More

Should the drinking age be lowered?

By Jennie Tanner Recently a story broke about a North Andover high school girl who was suspended from her volleyball team for being at a party where alcohol was being … Read More

Fitchburg State’s Own Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship

By Rayna Cormier Fitchburg State University sports many clubs on campus, ranging from sororities and fraternities to Anime Club and Improv. There are clubs for ethnic cultures and dance groups … Read More

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