Homophobia: How This Fitchburg State Student is Breaking Stereotypes

By Lorenzo Herbert 6,598. That’s how many students attend Fitchburg State University. Students from all across America and the world come here to get one thing, an education. The university … Read More

5 Reasons Why Smashing a Car Feels Great

By Holly Wentworth Every year, one of Fitchburg State’s fraternities, Sigma Pi, calls the local junkyard for a donated car to smash. Yes, I said smash! Their mission is to … Read More

Fighting the Frat Bro Mentality

By Aaron Dias When you hear the term fraternity what are some things that come to mind? For many, the negative stigma outshines the true nature of fraternities. Greek life … Read More

Sleep Out for a Cause

By Aaron Dias If I said the word “fraternity,” what are some things that would pop into your head? Parties? Drinking? Togas? How about philanthropy? An understated part of Greek … Read More

Can’t shake the Sigma stigma

By Wade Jones At Fitchburg State University, as well as other universities across the country, Greek life has gained somewhat of a bad reputation. It is one based on the … Read More

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