Music Review: Hollow Betrayal

Title: Internal Conflict Band: Hollow Betrayal Released For: Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Physical Release, YouTube Reviewing: Physical Release Released In: 2018 MSRP: $4.95-$5.00 Copy Purchased With new metal music released … Read More

Homecoming Kicks off Academic Year

by Kurtis Kendall With Homecoming set to kick off Friday, September 28th, the weekend-long event is looking to bring the Fitchburg State community together. Hank Parkinson, the Associate Dean of … Read More

Spotlight! Athlete of the Week: Clirim Shahini

by Jack Gallant Fitchburg State University’s Men’s soccer team has welcomed many new faces to its roster this year. One of the most interesting is 22-year old Senior, Clirim Shahini. … Read More

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