Roman Day II: All Roads Lead to Fitchburg

By Charlotte Schofield On April 3rd Dies Romanus II, or Roman Day II in ancient Latin, took the Fitchburg State campus by storm with the Legion III Cyrenaica living history … Read More

History Professor John Paul Encourages Students to Make The World Their Classroom

By Kurtis Kendall Fitchburg State History professor Dr. John Paul pauses to consider a question about how his beginnings impacted where he ended up. He takes the time to find … Read More

A song of Iceland and fire

By Andrew Nalewski If you were asked “Hey, do you like things?” your answer would most likely be yes, followed by bewilderment. The question comes out of the blue, but … Read More

Professors team up to talk about warm-up

By Shawna Paul One of the most hot-button political issues of the last 15 years has been the debate on the effect that humans have on global climate change. Two … Read More

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