Roman Day II: All Roads Lead to Fitchburg

By Charlotte Schofield On April 3rd Dies Romanus II, or Roman Day II in ancient Latin, took the Fitchburg State campus by storm with the Legion III Cyrenaica living history … Read More

The Lives of Division III College Athletes

By Kurtis Kendall For the Love of the Game We often hear a lot about division one (D1) athletes on a nationwide scale. Many of these individuals we watch on … Read More

Joyce Ahearn: A Constant At Fitchburg State

By Kurtis Kendall Whenever one heads to Holmes Dining Hall here at Fitchburg State, there’s a good chance they’ll run into Joyce Ahearn, the cashier at the entrance of the … Read More

From Plastic To Paper

By Olivia Korvas Thanks to the SGA President, Hailey O’Brien, SGA E-Board and Senate, as well as Jeff McVoy and Alison Whiney of Chartwells Dining Services, there is now a … Read More

RockBot Rocks Holmes Dining Hall

By Oliva Koravos The soundtrack to Holmes Dining hall no longer consists of only chatter and forks scraping against plates. Instead, music chosen by FSU students can now be heard as … Read More

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