I love you BUT I’m not in Love with you

By Lorenzo Herbert To be in love must be a great thing. To see couples holding hands, smiling and kissing warms my heart. But then I start thinking, how many … Read More

“The Longest Ride” movie: corny yet satisfying

By Tava Hoag  As many of you know ‘The Longest Ride’ was released in theatres on April 10th. This movie is the latest film adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks’ … Read More

Humans of FSU Valentine’s day edition

By Narra Georges In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Humans of FSU is doing things a bit differently this week. Each human of FSU comes from different walks of life and … Read More

Humans of FSU

“…I’m celebrating myself! It’s something that we, as human beings, should do once in a while.” “When was the last time you cried?” “When was the last time I cried? … Read More

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