Give Me Space: The Current State of Fitchburg’s Rec Center

By Holly WentWorth   Fill out this poll. Why don’t you go to the fitness center? (Fitness Center Poll)   I’m sure students, faculty members, and alumni can agree that … Read More

Recreation Center to receive much-needed renovations

By Adam Hoeg Fitchburg State’s Recreation Center is getting a makeover. Plans are underway to update the center, with the hopes of adding more space to accommodate the large student … Read More

Workouts strengthen body and mind

By Kyle Anderson Why do college students spend their time at the gym instead of in the library studying?  Is it only to stay in shape?  Or are there other … Read More

Inspired to perspire

By Rebecca Malkin I am practically drowning in a pool of my own sweat, panting uncontrollably, watching my flabby parts jiggle in a floor-to-ceiling mirror. I’m working my butt off … Read More

Explore a world of fitness challenges

By Sammi Gorman Students at Fitchburg State University are completing marathon runs from New York to Boston, swimming the English Channel, and completing the Ironman triathlon – all without leaving … Read More

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