“Victim of the New Disease” All That Remains’ New Album

By Nick Powell Album: Victim of the New Disease Band: All That Remains Record Label: Razor & Tie Released For: Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Physical Release (CD, Vinyl) … Read More

Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ soars

By Nicole Branco ** Contains spoilers If the previews of Flight showing an upside down airplane in the sky coming to its fall were not shocking enough, the movie itself … Read More

Final week: Month of monsters

By Chris Withers So here we are with the delayed but much anticipated finale of this month of B-Movies, horror, and D-grade schlock. I hope you’ve all had as much … Read More

Week 3: Month of monsters

By Chris Withers Week 3: No real theme week So yeah, after the exhaustive Saw theme week I’m going back to random crap. The films this week will be obscure … Read More

Week 2: Month of monsters

By Chris Withers Week 2: The Saw Franchise (Read following in Jigsaw voice) Hello reader, I want to play a game. Many of you consider my films to be completely … Read More

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