“You” and the Dangers of Social Media

By Olivia Koravos It is the show that has been gripping audiences ever since it aired last fall on Lifetime, and has surged due to its recent addition to Netflix … Read More

Glamorization of Serial Killers

By Charlotte Schofield Theodore Bundy, who went by Ted to the world, was a charismatic and handsome man who would go on to commit a number of horrific murders, rapes, … Read More

Social Media: What are we Really Missing Out on?

By Raeanne Mullet You use it as a distraction when you should be writing that five-page paper that’s due tomorrow. You use it to avoid awkward situations. You use it … Read More

The top 5 apps at FSU

By Gustavo Quiros Have you ever walked on campus and happened to see everyone on their smart phones and thought to yourself, “I wonder what apps everyone is looking at?” … Read More

Are cell phones making us anti-social?

By Tava Hoag Picture this: you are strolling across the main quad on campus and you see kids walking with their cell phones, not talking to each other but rather … Read More

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