The Wigs Are Coming Off: It’s Time For The Drag Race

By: Megan Freeman It’s that time of year again – the Drag Show is coming to Fitchburg State University! The event is one of the biggest annual events held by … Read More

Introducing: The New and Improved Campus Pizza

By Shawna Peete & Andrew Nalewski Food is a versatile thing; it can be used for sustenance, comfort, recreation, and social fun. Making the food employs three out of four … Read More

Understanding Gender Fluidity

 By: Sara Moller         Have you ever taken a survey and been tripped up not by the subject matter that you’re being asked about, but by the question of what … Read More

Council Helping Student Leaders on Campus

By: Marisa Chambers The Fitchburg State Leadership Development Program is designed to inspire individuals to develop the leadership skills necessary to create positive change. Nine student leaders have come together … Read More

The Closest Daytona 500 Ever

By: Joshua Hodges The race is on! Sunny skies, shouting spectators, hazardous handling, and fierce competition made for another exciting Daytona 500. The 500 was held by NASCAR yesterday at … Read More

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