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Homecoming Kicks off Academic Year

by Kurtis Kendall


With Homecoming set to kick off Friday, September 28th, the weekend-long event is looking to bring the Fitchburg State community together.
Hank Parkinson, the Associate Dean of Student Development, serves as the “point person” for the weekend’s events. “Coming together is the main purpose of Homecoming. School spirit, student engagement and just getting the community out there,” he said. Parkinson has been at Fitchburg State for the past 11 years and shows genuine enthusiasm toward his work with students on Homecoming.
Homecoming is set to feature many events for the community to enjoy, including the color run, bonfire, fireworks, Cousin Stizz concert, and multiple athletic games. “Part of my job is to engage students with activities like these,” said Parkinson.
Students play a significant role in planning Homecoming as well. Parkinson explained how Cousin Stizz was decided on by the student body through…

Spotlight! Athlete of the Week: Clirim Shahini

by Jack Gallant

Staff Writer

Fitchburg State University’s Men’s soccer team has welcomed many new faces to its roster this year. One of the most interesting is 22-year old Senior, Clirim Shahini. Clirim is a foreign exchange student who was born in Stuttgart, Germany. While he has lived there his whole life, his parents were originally from Albania. Shahini grew up with Albanian culture and his first language is Albanian. His parents moved to Germany due to the Albanian Civil War.
Shahini says that soccer and handball are the two most popular sports in Germany and that he has been playing soccer since he was 9 years old. According to Shahini, colleges don’t have sports teams like in the United States. The focus is on academics instead of recreation. As he enjoys what he learns, he is happy he can play the game he loves while also studying in America. Shahini is at Fitchburg State taking Computer Science on a one-semester exchange program. He chose Fitchburg over other U.S. schools because his sister…

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