10 Things Women Want Women To Know


by Kristin Schneider
Women’s History Month has come and passed and with it a reminder of just how strong, resourceful, and powerful women are. The women of our past fought for everything that we now have and many are still struggling today: struggling and fighting to be recognized as equal to everyone around us. So, in honor of this fight, here are 10 Things Women Want Women To Know; ten things women wish they would have been told as they faced the world.
Embrace Your Flaws
As humans, we are flawed beings and not one of us is perfect. Those who pretend to be, usually hide so deep within themselves that they lose sight of who they are. So embrace your flaws, both inside and out. Embrace everything that you are and everything that makes you unique: because what you see as flaws, someone else may see as an undeniable strength.
Celebrate Your Differences
Each woman is made in her own image. Each one a different shape, size, and color. Every woman has something that drives them, something that makes them who they are. These differences should be celebrated, held in the highest regard and shown proudly to the world so that everyone can see just how amazing every woman is.
Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up
If you believe in something – if you have something to say, something you want the world to know – then speak up. Yell it at the top of your lungs if you have to. However, never silence yourself, even if the loudest volume you can reach is a whisper. Say what’s on your mind, say what you mean and it will only leave you better off.
Be Yourself
You only have one life to live, so why spend it pretending to be something you are not? We are all embarrassed about some aspect of ourselves, physical or otherwise: the way our laugh sounds, our height, sometimes even the way we think. But these awkward aspects of our features or personalities help to make us who we are, and we cannot entirely be ourselves without embracing them.
Never Stop Pushing
When you want something, go for it. Fight for it. Push and push until you see the results you want. Every achievement, every reward, every significant moment in our lives, we attain through pushing ourselves to our limits. To make a difference, especially in our own lives, we must drive ourselves until we reach the best outcome we can.
Don’t Let Anyone or Anything Stop You
People will tell you how wrong you are or how stupid your opinions or thoughts sound. They will take every opportunity to put you down and try to place themselves above you. However, these things should not stop you and if anything, they should encourage you to fight harder and speak louder until you can overcome their opinions and come out on top.
Take Control
Our entire lives we are told what to wear, who to be, how to speak. People try to take control of our lives at every opportunity, and it has gone on for so long that most days we do not notice it happening. However, living your entire life being lead around, having every choice you make be chosen for you, is not a real way to live. You must seize control and learn to carve your path, your way.
Live Today, Worry Tomorrow
Life is too short to worry about the little things. We are often so worried about how others see us, or how a situation will play out, that we end up missing out on some fantastic opportunities. Every day should be lived to the fullest extent, hold nothing back and face life ready for everything it throws your way.
If You Get Knocked Down, Don’t Be Afraid to Get Back Up
Life has a habit of throwing things at us that we never see coming. It can lead us down a path we have never thought about in our lives. Moreover, it can leave us at the lowest point we have ever reached. However, you must fight with everything you have, until you are once again where you want to be.
Never Let Someone Convince You That You Need to Change
No one has the right to tell you what the definition of being a woman is: the only one who can tell you that is yourself. How you look, how you dress, the way you walk – the only one who has a say in any of these things is you. Never let anyone tell you that you are less of a woman just because you do not fit their stereotype. Never let someone convince you that you have to change who you are to make them more comfortable. Because at the end of the day, their opinions do not matter, and you are the only one who can make yourself truly happy.
As women we are strong; standing alone or together. We should celebrate our similarities and revere our differences. Every day should be a celebration of you, no matter what form you come in. Hopefully, these thoughts can help you remember just how courageous and remarkable you are.