The Gift of Savings


Christmas gifts

By Zariyah Greene
The holiday season can be lovely for many students, however, it can also be a time that many of us dread. It could be because of the over commercialized time of the holidays or just being near family that you don’t like. Despite the struggles the Holidays bring, most people agree that exchanging gifts is an enjoyable time. However, one thing that makes gift giving difficult as a student is finding a gift that is affordable. There are plenty of options in gifts we can choose from that will not break the bank.
A nice gift could be something homemade. If you are artistically inclined, maybe you could consider writing a song, a story, or even creating a painting. You could do something that has to do with your major and that could be something you are passionate about. Doing something like this can definitely make your life a lot easier and your gift cheaper.
If you’re not artistic, you could find something that holds sentimental value for you and the person receiving the gift. Printing out a photo from a memory you share or getting them a knickknack that reminds them of their favorite place or vacation, are relatively cheap, sentimental gifts.
Saving money for the holidays is another thing that could help with your gift expenses. If you plan on working during the holiday, you could save up a good amount of that money for spending money for school and put more money towards gifts. Remember, limit the amount of money you plan to spend on each person and this will keep you from going broke during winter break.