True Detective Airs It's Season Finale

true detective source vanityfair
Screenshot from True Detective

By Charlotte Schofield
Amazon Prime’s third season of the hit thriller series “True Detective” directed by Nic Pizzolatto premiered January 13, 2019, and has taken the true crime community by storm. Pizzolatto and the show are returning to their southern roots by heading back to the Ozarks, a physiographic region in the United States. It tells the tangled and twisted case of a missing girl, all from three different timelines that connect through the 80s, 90s, and today. Detective Wayne Hays of the Arkansas State Police. Detective Hays and his partner Detective Roland West are assigned to an initial missing person call for a local man’s son and daughter.
For ten years the case is cold, with leads of a black man with one eye kidnapping the children, two unknown figures dressed as ghosts on Halloween lurking about, and even an innocent local Native American man accused of abducting and killing the kids. These all lead the case to multiple dead ends.
Conspiracies began to emerge with more and more evidence found, including a possible police cover-up that could involve the two Detectives and an underground pedophile ring looking to traffic children. As we jump through Detective Hays life from different times in the original case, the reopened cold case and an investigative documentary team who are interested in the unanswered questions, the audience is left with only one more episode before the season comes to an end.
The season finale episode eight entitled “Now Am Found” was aired on Sunday, February 24, on HBO and online through Amazon Prime.