Beloved Fitchburg State Professor Joseph McAloon Passes

By Kristin Schneider
Professor Joseph McAloon, a respected member of the Fitchburg State community for 35 years has passed suddenly this past weekend at the age of 61.
Before retiring and taking up the position of Chair for FSU’s Master of Business Administration program (MBA), McAloon spent 34 years teaching various Undergraduate and Graduate courses. Despite retiring McAloon continued to teach some online classes, his most recent class, Organizational Behavior and Development being taught earlier this semester Some of his career highlights include being an Officer in USAF, being the MBA Director, faculty president and developing a 17-month long MBA program in 2008.
McAloon held a variety of degrees including a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Business Administration degree from the University South Dakota and a Master of Professional Studies in Analytics degree from the University of Massachusetts.
In a letter to the campus, President Richard Lapidus spoke of McAloon’s work and the effort he put towards the campus. Reminding people that he will never be forgotten and that, “His contributions were defined by an unyielding dedication to his students and a ceaseless commitment to his fellow faculty members.”
Professor McAloon will be remembered by his students and colleges for all his contributions to the Fitchburg State community over the years and the respect and love he’s inspired.