WXPL Holds Fall Concert

Joey Phillipo, Staff Writer

WXPL hosted a  fall concert in the Falcon Hub on Nov. 16  at 7p.m. Alright Thanks was the opening act, featuring Nick Polidor of WXPL, who was followed by Petite League. Petite League came all the way from New York to make the performance. 

This event was the first time Alright Thanks has played since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Fitchburg State students who know WXPL or Alright Thanks, it was great seeing the band back on stage. They sounded really tight and clear on the stage, and the audience resonated with their performance. 

Before each song, Polidor would have a brief statement about the track and what it might be about, before following it up with “This one goes out to Lapidus!” Before one song, Polidor opened with, “This song is about getting high with your friend’s step dad while listening to Neutral Milk Hotel”, and he opened another with, “We are Alright Thanks and this is a love song that goes out to Richard Lapidus!”. Unfortunately for Polidor, who also happened to be wearing a shirt with President Lapidus’s likeness on it, President Lapidus was not in attendance at the concert. These intros got laughs from the crowd, and another song started with Polidor saying, “Any nursing majors and education majors in the crowd, you are the backbone of society and this song goes out to you.” 

Alright Thanks and Petite League both played new singles during the concert. Unfortunately, another band on the bill, Boyfriend Machine, was unable to make the show.