Improv Show Goes to The Dark Ages

Meaghan Walsh, Staff Writer

The Improv Club hosted their second Improv show of the semester in the Falcon Hub on February 16 at 7:00 p.m. While not every show has a theme to it, this show’s theme was the Dark Ages. Every improver dressed up in their best medieval attire for the performance, and attendees could also be seen dressing up for the occasion as well.

Each show consists of Improv games, where performers take suggestions from the audience to set up the scene. They opened with the game called Slideshow, renamed to Portraits so that it fit with the medieval theme of the night. Every Improv member performing on Wednesday night got up on stage and posed in various ways together while two ‘narrators’ went around and made up a scenario to go along. The two hour long show was made up of these types of Improv games, taking audience suggestions as they went.

A memorable part of the night was during the game Funeral, where all the performers pretend one is dead and are at their funeral. Two improvers pretended to be people roleplaying Sonic characters, them being Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails the Fox respectively. The improvers decided Sonic and Tails were in a relationship, but Tails was cheating on Sonic the Hedgehog with Shadow the Hedgehog. 

“It’s a goof, gaff, and a half!” says Mckenzie Calvao, a freshman member of the Improv Club who performed on the 16th. “Because it’s not scripted, you can get creative with storytelling and not feel the weight of having to be perfect like you normally would on stage.” She also adds, “You can get silly with it.”

The Improv Club closed out the night with the game called ‘Thy Majesty’, where each performer presented the Queen an audience suggestion written on a piece of paper. If one pleased the Queen, they got to live. If one kind of pleased the Queen, they got sent to ‘the sex dungeon’. And if one displeased the Queen, the Queen would send them to be ‘executed’.“I really liked the ending because the final game gave everyone a chance to show off their sense of humor.” says Ryan Woods, an audience member who attended the show on Wednesday night