Grab a tea and panini to go at Chaibo

By Lindsey Hunneman

Chaibo announces its new menu!

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Fitchburg center lays Chaibo, a quaint, modern, and beautifully decorated teahouse and café. Step off the street and into the entrance of Chaibo and the stresses of the day are instantly washed away.  The atmosphere consists of comfy couches and chairs and coffee tables along with a small stage for performances by acoustic musicians from around the area. Artwork fills the walls and board games and books fill the windowsills as acoustic and classic rock music flows through the speakers giving the entire place a very indie inspired feel. It is the perfect place to go with friends for coffee or tea and it is also a fantastic environment to escape to when looking for a little bit of time for yourself.
A fantastic menu filled with Paninis, salads, lattes, loose-leaf tea, coffee and an assortment of delectable desserts and gelato accents the intriguing style of Chaibo. Choices on the menu range from organic and vegetarian items to Paninis full of premium deli meats and cheeses. The menu choices are fantastically portioned and I assure each customer will be more than satisfied with anything they choose off the menu. With a small Panini costing $4.95 and a small gelato at $3.00, Chaibo is a very reasonable place to go for delicious food.
Aside from the delicious food and soothing environment, Chaibo’s college student friendly prices are another great reason to dine at Chaibo. While visiting Chaibo on a “college student budget,” I realized that it was possible to get a full meal, plus a decent sized dessert for less than twelve dollars. A small Panini, plus a pot of oolong, loose-leaf tea and a small gelato for dessert ran me about eleven dollars, and because Chaibo offers a one card discount, I was given another 10 percent off my entire meal! My Chaibo experience can be summed up as very affordable, incredibly delicious and overly satisfying, and I recommend everyone around the Fitchburg area and further take a trip to Chaibo.
Located at 13 Cushing Street, Chaibo has been open for over a year and business is still booming. Be sure to walk or drive down to Chaibo for some incredible food, extraordinary beverages and a bit of live music on a Friday night. With an absolutely impeccable dining experience, Chaibo has proven to be a hidden gem of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and I cannot wait to venture back to this indie oasis.