Applause for 'Romeo and Juliet'


By Linda Costa
Members of the Fitchburg State theater program have taken their final bows to close the curtain on a production of “Romeo and Juliet” that ran Nov. 15-20 in the McKay Theater.
A comedic twist was added to the classic tragedy, partially courtesy of leading man Tommy Karner’s vibrant portrayal of Romeo. A sophomore, Karner gave a performance that was well suited to the play’s saucy style.
As the object of Romeo’s affection, junior Kim Connor portrayed Juliet in a way that conveyed the youthful passion of first love.
Fitchburg alum Michele Ederton blew the audience away in the role of Juliet’s nurse and confidante. This is perhaps not surprising, since she has won the National Mark Twin Comedy Acting Award.
The stage chemistry between Karner’s Romeo and Ian Vincent’s Mercutio, Romeo’s trusted pal, sent the audience into roars of laughter.
Directing the play was Richard McElvain, a professor in the theater track of the English Studies department.
Between the cast’s hard work and the play’s fostering of talent, “Romeo and Juliet” certainly deserves a round of applause.